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Success Through


Making a statement is now an acquirable skill.

Stating one’s opinion clearly, demonstrating results

powerfully or presenting a case persuasively calls

for powerful communication techniques that can

be acquired and honed by anyone.

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What’s your Story?

Daring greatly through

Authentic Story telling.

Fearless leaders realize that they are a product of the

stories. Identifying those stories and framing them

powerfully calls for skill, vulnerability and authenticity.

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Who is Joseph Prabhakar

Speaker. Author. Storyteller

Joseph Prabhakar is a loving son, caring husband, doting father and a responsible citizen. Reader. Gardner. Cook. And simply loves life. Joseph is also a powerful orator, consummate storyteller, stellar executive coach, and someone who truly believes in empowering individuals. With 20+ years of corporate life, Joseph has been through the grind of day-to-day work life.....

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