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Succeeding in today’s workplace requires more than just skill, knowledge or subject matter expertise. While that is the basis of why most people are hired, it takes more than those set of least common denominators to excel and make a mark in today’s corporation. The ability to state one’s opinion clearly, demonstrate results powerfully or present a case persuasively calls for powerful communication techniques that can be acquired and honed by anyone. A leader motivating her team, a salesperson selling his product, a manager running a meeting are all equally, a project manager kicking off a project, a teacher teaching a complex subject, an attorney making a key argument are all examples of people who are rely the strength of their communication skills that will help further their objectives and positively impact the outcome of the conversation.

Honing your communication style is more than following a template or framework. While those certainly help, each individual is endowed with natural talent that they can reach into and use the authenticity of such style to make an impact on the recipient. This program will help you develop your own authentic communication style while being totally aware of the results that are required in the business setting you are involved in.

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