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Free Coaching

“A free thirty-minute session with Joseph Prabhakar”

You are an awesome speaker. Or aspiring to be one. Or trying to figure out where you stand on the experience scale. Speaking could be a complex endeavor. It is a science and an art. And needs a special skill that will combine the two to deliver a powerful, memorable and impactful experience that your audience will remember long after they have left your presence. A number of tools and techniques have to work in tandem to create that magical experience. Not to mention the traps that have to be avoided. Whether it is a presentation, all-hands, town hall, team meeting, project kick off, sales call or you are simply making a point, a good speech can make the difference between winning, getting the desired results or failing to inspire or worse, losing out. Like one of my clients put it, the difference between a good speech and a bad one is “millions of dollars”.

Schedule a thirty minute session with Joseph, to get your speaking style evaluated and learn the tips that will help you get started on your way to becoming an awesome speaker.

To thank you for signing up we will send you a whitepaper and a supporting audio clip which will teach you five proven techniques that the pros use to deliver an awesome speech.

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