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Power Communication

Succeeding in today’s workplace requires more than just skill, knowledge or subject matter expertise. While that is the basis of why most people are hired, it takes more than those set of least common denominators to excel and make a mark in today’s corporation. The ability to state one’s opinion clearly, demonstrate results powerfully or present a case persuasively calls for powerful communication techniques that can be acquired and honed by anyone.

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Joseph Prabhakar

Joseph Prabhakar is a loving son, caring husband, doting father and a responsible citizen. Reader. Gardner. Cook. And simply loves life. Joseph is also a powerful orator, consummate storyteller, stellar executive coach, and someone who truly believes in empowering individuals. With 20+ years of corporate life, Joseph has been through the grind of day-to-day work life.

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Our trainers have conducted workshops in over 110 corporations across the world. From startups to not-for-profit organizations to Fortune 50 organizations, our trainers have trained leaders in a variety of industries and verticals.



The content for our workshops are designed for usability memorability. Every technique leaders learn at our workshops can be put into use the very day they are trained. The techniques are structured in such a way that the recall is quick, easy, and intuitive.


Custom Workshops

We believe in tailoring the workshops for the exact needs and requirements of our customers. We learn the unique nature of your industry, company, and your needs and custom design the workshop to suit the exact specifications.

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Art of Storytelling for Fundraising!


Power of Stories

Understand the power of stories to showcase your cause and purpose to your donors, volunteers, and team members


Identify Story Moments

Learn to identify story moments from the work you do with your target audience


Craft Story Moments

Gain the knowledge and understanding to craft the story moments into powerful instruments to communicate the work you do.

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