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Workshop Overview

Every business, no matter the industry, size, or geography needs to sell to exist. The tried and trusted way is to sell by way of stating facts, figures, and the virtues of the product. With so many competing products and advertisements, customers are always distracted, confused, or mistrustful of the next sales campaign. Throwing facts, figures, and statistics at this customer has little or no effect. There is no emotional investment for the customer to trust the typical salesperson enough to listen to the details. With no connection, there is no reason for them to look at the proposal favorably. This process can be reversed by creating a bond which then works to earn the customer’s trust and attention paving the way for a fruitful conversation. Timely and context-appropriate stories open doors for presenting the product or service in ways the customer will appreciate it. A compelling story provides narratives, images, emotions and helps the customer relate, understand, and connect in a way that facts and numbers alone cannot. The ability to create and tell stories is not only a useful tool but an essential prerequisite to being a successful sales person. This program will teach participants to harvest authentic moments that resonate with the customer and use them in impact full ways to close the sale.

Who Is It For?

Sales Professionals and Account Managers who need to actively communicate to sell their products or services or make a compelling argument in favor of what they are trying to do will greatly benefit from this program.

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Workshop Outcomes?

Role of Stories

Understand the role of stories in the sales process and how to weave them skillfully in contextually appropriate ways.

Harvest Stories

Learn to harvest stories that can be used at various stages of the sales process, structure them, and tell them in ways to capture the attention of the audience.

Techniques that will Amplify

Become aware of techniques that will amplify the power of simple stories and factors that dampen the effect of even the best stories.

Workshop Modules?

Sales Process

Understand the sales process and where stories fit in and the players that make the stories interesting, relevant, and captivating.

Story Structure

Crafting concise and powerful stories that answer the customer’s un-asked questions to deliver the required insights and land the sale.

Story Delivery

Expressing presence, authenticity, and confidence through congruence between words; facial expression, gestures and vocal delivery.


4 Hours Workshop


8 Hours Workshop

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The workshop is designed to be experiential in nature. Content will be presented in interactive ways to get the participants to engage with the material and fellow participants and learn actively. Content thus presented will be easy to remember, recall and will help greatly in building muscle memory for dynamic citing stories in varied situations.

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