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Workshop Overview

Leadership is autobiographical. If I don’t know your story, I don’t know who you are as a Leader”. The journey to authentic leadership begins with understanding the stories of our life. Inspirational and authentic leaders understand that in order to inspire and earn the trust of others, they must first be willing to reveal who they are and what they truly believe in. Through their stories, they are able to share their life experiences, illustrate beliefs and values, and inspire the people around them. A compelling story provides narratives, images, emotions and helps us relate, understand, and connect with one another in a way that facts and numbers alone cannot. The ability to create and tell stories is not only a useful tool, but an essential prerequisite to being an inspirational leader. This program, will teach participants to harvest their experiences to identify authentic moments that resonate with the audience.

Who Is It For?

Individuals, who need to actively communicate, sell or present their vision, product or a compelling argument will greatly benefit from this program. Leaders, entrepreneurs, sales people, team leads and individual contributors or anyone looking to build on a powerful framework to communicate their point of view will love this workshop.

Managers, leaders, executives, individual contributors, sales people, teachers, entrepreneurs,professionals, trainers, speakers and anyone who needs to actively communicate an idea to an audience. Whether you are selling an idea or presenting your vision, marketing a product or making a compelling argument you will greatly benefit from this program. If you have an idea or content or a product or service and are looking for a powerful framework to communicate your point of view then you will love this workshop. No prior experience is required for this program. Our lives are filled with stories that shaped us and continue to shape us. This program will help you uncover those stories and craft them into a format that will make it easier and powerful to present to any audience. Incorporating your life story into your content seamlessly and powerfully will enhance the quality of your communication and greatly improve the listening experience for the audience.

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Workshop Outcomes?

The workshop will help participants achieve the follow goals


Power of Storytelling

Understand the power of storytelling and its effectiveness as a communication medium.


Personal Values and Leadership Stories

Discover their personal values and leadership stories to establish who they are as a leader and learn the applicability of those stories to become an authentic and inspirational leader.


Leadership Presence

Develop leadership presence, confidence, and communication skills to motivate, inspire and connect to the thoughts and feelings of others.

Workshop Modules?


Story Structure

Crafting concise and powerful stories from personal experience that paints a picture and lands the message. Three act structure, dialog and narrative.


Story Content

Defining the intent behind telling the story, identifying the heart of the message and being authentic.


Story Delivery

Expressing presence, authenticity and confidence through congruency between words; facial expression, gestures and vocal delivery.



4 Hours Workshop



8 Hours Workshop

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The workshop is designed to be experiential in nature. Content will be presented in interactive ways to get the participants to engage with the material and fellow participants and learn actively. Content thus presented will be easy to remember, recall and will help greatly in building muscle memory for dynamic citing stories in varied situations.

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