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Never knew “what is your story” can hold such a powerful window of opportunity until you see Joseph steer you through the captivating experience. Joseph is the master at this art yet very humble and friendly. Joseph is driven to make a difference through the power of stories. It is an honor to learn form Joseph. One thing I would ask of Joseph is to lead the story teller cult, form circles and workshops through which members can actively help each other and spread the power of story telling. I gratefully wish Joseph to surpass all masters in this field as you make them along your way.less
Kranthi M.
Director, Merchant Integrations at visa
Our company hired Joseph Prabhakar last year prior to attending a huge technology conference where we were launching our SaaS Product. He blew us away with his message which helped our team connect with all attendees at the conference with the vision of our product/service. He is one of the most memorable speaker, presenter I have seen to date (and yes I have seen a lot). I was also fortunate to attend one of his recent workshop “The Science and Art of Storytelling” and I must admit that his incredible energy and captivating personality engaged every single participant to become a part of the program. Overall, participants in Joseph’s sessions walk away not just pumped, but with tools and tips to go forth and succeed. His real life examples were simply captivating, showing how ordinary people are out there accomplishing extraordinary things. Applying his concepts just made it all come together and I am having my best year ever in my career! I would extend my highest recommendation to Joseph Prabhakar… Every salesperson in any company needs to hear his presentation “The Art and Science of Storytelling”
Janaki K.
Director, Strategic Partnerships at Stratitude, Inc
Randy T. 08 Mar Randy T. Storytelling is such an integral part of communication success, and Joseph Prabhakar is a master in the field. My team and I recently had the opportunity to attend his inspiring workshop on Power Communication through Storytelling. Not only did each participant see a transformation in their own storytelling messaging, they came away with practical tools and skills to use in both business and life settings. There were people in the group who were very reluctant to step into their leadership capacities, but Joseph’s passion, engaging style and personal directives allowed each and every person to experience significant results in a shortened time frame. For any organization, wanting their team to rise to the next level in authentic client connection and empathetic leadership, working with Joseph is a fast track to positive change.
Randy T.
Founder, Project Happiness
What is the relationship between storytelling and leadership? Joseph’s Authentic Leadership through Storytelling class reveals and illustrates the power of storytelling to inspire and earn the trust of others. As leaders, we tend to tense up, button down, show all of our leadership qualities, in hope to establish our authority, so others will follow or relate. This approach is psychologically faulty, is counter-productive most of the time. It would make others to distant themselves for us while we try to connect or lead. Joseph’s storytelling framework offered us a few of easy-to-follow techniques to share our personal experience as a story in a powerful, make it so easy to connect to the thoughts and feelings of others while being authentic, and to inspire the greatness from the team. The class is different from the typical communication or leadership training you may have taken. Learning from the carefully selected examples and practicing iteratively, you can clearly see the immediate improvement of your delivery while you are still in the class. As a personal friend and long-term colleague, I admire Joseph’s determination to purse his true passion and wish him the best in his endeavor.
Chunhui Z.
Director at VISA
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