Art of Storytelling for Fundraising

Join us for this live webinar event & discover how storytelling techniques can 3X your fundraising campaigns

Thursday, March 7th, 11:30 AM Pacific Time

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The Webinar

Good storytelling is at the heart of every volunteer, donor, and well-wisher of your non-profit. Everyone in the non-profit organization need to become good storytellers and be able to communicate their cause and purpose in intentional, authentic, and meaningful ways.

This webinar will help the non-profit organization find its stories, structure them into appealing instruments, and use them in context-appropriate ways and medium to tell the world the difference you are making.

The Speaker

Joseph Prabhakar

Principal Trainer,

Power Communication, Inc.

The Outcomes

  • Understand the power of stories to showcase your cause and purpose to your donors, volunteers, and team members
  • Learn to identify story moments from the work you do with your target audience
  • Gain the knowledge and understanding to craft the story moments into powerful instruments to communicate the work you do.

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