What’s your story?

How the story you tell yourself can hold your life and career back?

“Change your story. Change your life”

From the time we start going to school to the time we enter the corporate world we form beliefs and habits that either help us succeed or hold us back. Those that help us succeed are the good stories that we tell ourselves. Naturally so, those that hold us back are the bad stories that we keep playing back over and over again.

Those stories that hold us back do not come in big shiny packages. Nor are they big and bold. The littlest belief, the tiny voice in the head, the habit that you repeat day after day without even realizing you are repeating it are the ones that play their roles in holding you back from progressing.

These are what I call the stories of our lives. The stories that we tell over and over. Stories that we start believing in so strongly. Overtime, we believe them to be true. We don’t like anyone who tell us otherwise. We derive comfort in playing those stories in our heads. And living them out every single day.

What if we can remove the old story. Replace it with a new story. Reinforce it with tools and techniques to ensure that they do not get erased or overwritten. That will put us on the path to success. Repeating the new story will now get us going and release us from the shackles that once held us back.

This program is designed to do exactly that. Change your story. Change your life.


This workshop will help participants achieve the following goals:

1. Identify the stories you have been telling yourself over the years. Whether they pertain to your health, wealth or relationships we will identify them and bring them out.

2. Identify a new story that will suitably erase and overwrite the old story. We will then proceed to write the new story into your mind.

3. Reinforce the new story by learning tools and techniques that will help keep it in place. And help you develop a routine to put you on your path to success.

Curriculum Outline:

1. Experiential exercises to help dig deep into your minds to identify stories, habits, self sabotaging thoughts and negative patterns.

2. Interventions rooted in science, positive psychology and neuroscience to change the stories and behaviors.

3. Solid and practical take aways to help remember, reinforce and ingrain the new story in your daily life.

Who will benefit from this program:

This program is open to anyone who is willing to take their life to the next level. If you are holding back your own success then this program will give you the tools to identify those negative beliefs and replace them with positive stories to move forward. If you are already successful then this program will be a refreshing new experience in learning the tools necessary to take your success to even higher and newer levels. No prior experience or knowledge of any kind is necessary for these programs. A willing and open mind is all that is required.

What is the duration of this program:

This is a 2 day experiential seminar offered in a group setting. You will be one of a hundred people coming together to learn the tools in a safe and comfortable setting.

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